First Name : Romane
Name : Miradoli
Born : 10.03.1994
Ski Club : Flaine – Haute Savoie
Disciplines : Giant Slalom and Super G
Hobbies : The adventure… I do what I please…

My Story
« Modern architecture is not a style but an attitude. » Marcel Breuer

Flaine ! My resort, skiing, my passion, winter sports, freedom also to live in the mountains but a masterpiece first. I have a very strong attachment to Flaine in which I have lived for twenty years. In addition to its great skiing in the winter, Flaine offers beautiful trails and green areas in the summer. Flaine offers a blend of Art, Culture and Sport. Three items matching me, through which I develop myself through discoveries and travels. Born in a family of artists, of skiers established between Italy and the United States, I am so happy !

I was born on skis and the snow has continued to fall. So I skied ! My many years in the Club des Sports de Flaine, powder skiing and slaloming have allowed me to integrate the Mont Blanc Committee in 2009. After a first year spent racing with the « big » girls, I joined in 2010 the French ski Federation. The following year I stepped up with the « Europa Cup » group. I grew up in this team during 4 years. I finally joined the « Speed World Cup » group in 2015. Between two European Cups, four years ago, I had my first chance in a World Cup, in Saint Moritz. I was very impressed with the atmosphere, the crowd, the media and the skiing, a whole new game. So I practice, will not stop until I reach the highest level ! Whatever happens, I will go after my dream...

I ski, but not only that...
Not easy to manage but it is a good balance. After obtaining my diploma with honors in Science during summer school in Albertville, I arrived a year later at the college in Chambéry (Savoie University) where I applied in a Foreign Languages, English-Italian degree. I love languages, I love Italy and the United States and I love my sport that allows me to travel !