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Summer 2017
New Start!
Just Click here to read the quick interview by SkiChrono! Don't forget to have look in the gallery!
30th of November 2016
Lake Louise here we are!
Hey Hey everybody ! I’m sorry, I didn’t give you so much news since a long long time ! I’m still in the race ! We’re in Lake Louise (Canada), such a nice place, you should come !! We already did the two first trainings and I’m waiting for the third one tomorrow !! The race is in two days and I’m so so excited to start this new season with two downhills and one SG ! I hope you’re ready to scream because the Speedfrenchies are ready to rock the hill ! See you !!
7th of july 2016
July news!
Hello everyone ! Here is a little come back of my summer physical training ! I went on holidays in may in the Philipines Islands. It was really fun, I really enjoyed it ! Hot, sunny and so beautiful with white beaches, crystal clear water, palmtrees, smoothies and everything… After a week home at the beginning of june, I started the summer physical training with my teammates in the new training center in Albertville. It’s really HUGE !! I love it ! I stay here (in Albertville) two more weeks and then I go up in les 2 Alpes (the 25th of July) to put my skis on again ! See you soon !!
End of aprile
Season is over!
It’s finished ! The season was long and intense and so now I can, after a few training days put away my skis for some time. We worked hard, now let’s take some holidays ! I would like to thank everyone for supported me during all the season. The beginning was hard but I finally believed in me and pushed myself in la Thuile where I ended 5th. I concretised after la Thuile with two top 10 and a 14th place which let me to finish 18th at the WCSL SG rank. I ended the season with my first french Championship title in SG and a 3rd place in DH. I love what I do for living so, a big thank you everyone. See you in june for new adventures !
Friday 5th of February 2016
Good evening everyone! After a 25th place in Cortina's SG and some good European cups in Châtel & Davos, I'm ready to race here in Garmisch. So follow us tomorrow 6th of february for the Downhill and sunday for the SG. #Speedfrenchies
Happy New Year!
Hi everybody! Welcome in 2016! Here we go! New starts for a new year! So, follow the Speed Frenchies on saturday 9th and sunday 10th of January for one DH & one SG! See you!
27th of November 2015
Last runs before Lake Louise!
Hey ! Here we are ! The first speed races will take place in Lake Louise, Canada in one week ! After 10 days here in the Colorado, Copper Mountain for some trainings, we fly on Sunday to Calgary. We worked hard during 6 months, so, now I’m ready to race ! See you there !
13th of November 2015
Caisse d'Epargne
Trophée Ecureuil
I really want to thanks the Caisse d'Epargne for this great Trophée Ecureuil.
24th of October 2015
A new season starts !
Welcome to Sölden !
Here we are ! A new season begins on Saturday 24th of October here in Sölden! First start of the year! Let's go! See you on Saturday! Picture: Throwback to the last season at the European Cup final.
22nd of March 2015
Interview after the SG in Andorra for the Europa Final
The season is over !
For the latest results, I won my place in WC for next year in SG ! I won the SG Europa cup classification. I got the 450 points too, at the overall Europa cup classification, so I can be sure to start with a good number next year in all EC races. It's been a beautiful season! Now holidays ! I fly in few days for Asia ! See you there !
10th of March 2015
World Juniors Championship
A french interview after the SC!
9-13 of March 2015
Hafjell (NOR)
Wolrd Juniors Championship
Today, the 10th of March, was a good day! I endend 4th at the SG (we call it the chocolate medal) and I got the Silver medal in SC! It's a good present for a Birthday! I'm 21! #ItWasAGoodDay Next Race on friday! It's time for the Downhill! Results:
8th of March 2015
Garmisch Partenkirchen (GER)
SG World Cup
I did my last SG of the season in Wolrd Cup! It was very fun! And I'm happy with my first top 20! Results:
01-3 of March 2015
Bansko (BUL)
SG/SC World Cups
The Bulgaria! Nice country! Nice races! After a good SC (7th after the SG), I ended 9th and I did my firsts world cup points in SG the day after! Results:
16-17 of February 2015
Davos (SUI)
SG European Cups
Good SG days in Switzerland !
From the 1st to the 5th of February 2015
San Candido (ITA)
GS & Slalom Europa Cups!
Hey! We did three awesome training days in Dobbiaco (Dolomites). Tomorrow, first race of the year in GS in San Candido! I'm so happy to take the start! See you soon!
From the 26th to the 29th of January 2015
Europa Cups in Hinterstoder
We had a good week in Hinterstoder in Austria for some speed races. The slope was pretty short for a Downhill or a Super G race but doesn't matter, we took the start and we had to be strong ! Congratulations to Marion Pelissier! See you in San Candido! Results, here !
From the 22nd to the 25th of January 2015
World Cup in St Moritz!
Four beautiful days done in St Moritz! I took my first start of the year in World cup, here in St Moritz. After two trainings in Downhill, a day off during the Downhill, I raced the SG with the bib 32! It was amazing even if I'm out! See you in the next Europa Cups in Austria! //more pics in Gallery
12th January 2015
A beautiful week done !
After a come back in GS at home, two trainings days in Super G in ValFréjus the 5th & 6th, I took my first start of the year the 8th of January in Santa Caterina ! This nice place received the Men’s World Cup at the end of December, so, I did my first Downhill FIS race on a beautiful slope! We had a good program there, the 8th one DH training and one DH, the 9th one DH, the 10th one Super Combined and the 11th one SG. I had some good feelings on my skis. It was really great to take some speed starts ! To see the results, . See you in St Moritz !
2nd of January 2015
Some GS on the Poya’s slope in Flaine with the Ski Club!
It was really fun to restarted with a GS session after one month without ski in Flaine with all the Ski Club ! Now, some beautiful races are coming in my way…
21st of December
Hello from the South!
Physiotherapy time in Saint-Raphaël...
I'am in Saint-Raphaël since the 11th of December to have some physiotherapy, in a rehabilitation center (CERS). It's pretty cool to do this seeing the sea! I have three more days here to enjoy the salty air before come back in the mountains with a strong back! A new year will begin and some new performances too! MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you! //Picture taken at the top of la Sainte Baume (more pics in the gallery)//
4th of December 2014
It's done!
We come back home!
After two weeks in Norway, it's time to come back home! We did the EC races here in Hemsedal. I did the two GS. After two pretty goods firsts runs I didn't finish my second ones. My back was too painful to take the start in slalom.. I want to congratulate my teammates! Top 5, Top 10! We have a good and funny team! See you in France or somewhere else in Europe!
29th of November 2014
Some free ski!
Some free ski today with Clara, Joséphine, Laurent and our physio Nico! We get some fresh air, we have fun and we carve (or not!) in the soft snow! See you!
27th of November 2014
J-4 before the first GS of the season!
1st Europa Cup..
After one week in Norway, we continue to train! We did 3 days in Kvitfjell before coming here in Hemsedal. We will train here until sunday. The winter is here! It's pretty cold but the snow came! See you on the races! We have two Europa Cup in GS monday & Tuesday, & two Europa Cup in SL wednesday & thursday! xx //Crédit Photo : Agence Zoom//
20th of November 2014
Let's go in Norway!
Let the season begins!
After two months without ski cause a back painful, I will be back on skis there! Some training days before the first Europa Cup in December. See you soon on the slopes in Norway!